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Innovating in times of crisis


Innovation Outlook for Mexico and Central America

By: KPMG in Mexico

Innovating can be complex, and the desired goals are not always reached. Today’s organizations operate in a dynamic environment, in which levels of disruption and the pace of change are increasing exponentially due to changes in the market, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

In this context, organizations wonder whether they are moving forward fast enough; if they have prioritized their investments correctly in order to stay relevant and competitive in order to lead in their respective markets while opening new ones, making sure their people join in on the journey.

Get to know the following relevant highlights in our study:

  • How is innovation ignited within organizations?
  • Which metrics should be considered?
  • Which are the main barriers when it comes to innovation?

This report will inspire you and other business leaders to continue strengthening the innovation initiatives required in the current reality.



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